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             ENGLISH FOR PILOTS                          PREPARATION SEMINAR

Training Date: 26,27 AUGUST 2019


Due Date: 17 AUGUST  2019

Training Place : Antalya/TURKEY

Tel: 0242 352 4499

Price: 1000 TL + VAT (1180 TL )

  TECHNICAL AVIATION ENGLISH                EXAM (TURKISH DGCA                              APPROVED)

Exam Date: 31 AUGUST 2019


Due Date:  17 AUGUST 2019


Exam Place : Antalya-İstanbul

Tel: 0242 352 4499

Price: 350 TL + VAT (413 TL )

  EASA PART-66 B1&B2 MODULE                          EXAMS

Pleases contact with us for EASA PART-66 exams.

Tel :  0543 404 0107

             TECHNICAL ENGLISH                      PREPARATION SEMINAR             

Training Date: 25, 26 AUGUST 2019


Due Date: 13 AUGUST 2019

Exam Place : Antalya/TURKEY

Tel: 0242 352 4499

Price: 1500 TL + VAT(1770 TL) AYT

             2000  TL + VAT (2360 TL) IST

          BOEING 737-NG B1&B2                                   COMBINED THEORETICAL&PRACTICAL TYPE                         TRAININGS         


Training Date: N/A


Due Date: N/A

Exam Place : Antalya/TURKEY

Tel:  0542 354 46 82

Price:  Contact us

to Turkey's leading independent aviation training academy offering complete aviation training programs including EASA Part-66 module training for aircraft maintenance personnel, EASA Part-147 approved aircraft type training for licensed aircraft maintenance engineers, technical aviation English training for aircraft maintenance and technical staff, specialised aviation trainings for aviation companies and personnel, ICAO Level English exams for pilots and air traffic controllers as required by international civil aviation regulations. 
Academy Aviation performs those aviation courses under its own approvals or under the approvals of partner companies of Academy Aviation.
Academy Aviation is able to perform those approved aviation trainings at its base located in Antalya, TURKEY. If preferred, EASA approved aviation training courses can be performed at client's facilities worldwide.

Approved EASA Part-66 module exams are held in Academy Aviation by EASA Part-147 Approved Partner Companies of Academy Aviation. Module exams for B1 and B2 aircraft maintenance licence categories are available in Academy Aviation. Students who successfully pass module examinations are awarded a Certificate of Recognition of Approved Examination acceptable to all EASA Member Authorities.

Approved EASA Part-147 aircraft type trainings are delivered by Academy Aviation worldwide. Academy Aviation has business contract in place with many EASA Part-147 approved european aviation training companies, and organises full B1 & B2 theory and practical training on the following types; Boeing 777, 767, 757, 737NG, 737CL, Airbus A320 family, A330 and A340.

Academy Aviation is approved by Turkish DGCA and conducts Technical Aviation English Proficiency exams to measure the English levels of the aircraft maintenance & technical staff. Aircraft Mechanics shall demonstrate CEFR A1 English level, Certifying staff and certifying staff candidates shall demonstrate CEFR A2 English level, Technical Instructors shall demonstrate CEFR B1 English level from the exams performed by Academy Aviation.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has established English language proficiency requirements (LPRs) for all pilots operating on international routes, and all air traffic controllers who communicate with foreign pilots. These standards require pilots and air traffic controllers to be able to communicate proficiently using both ICAO phraseology and plain English. Academy Aviation is an authorised test center for ICAO Level Aviation English exams.

Please refer to the relevant sections for more detailed information, and do not hesitate to contact us for your questions.

- Preparation Classes Available

- Turkish DGCA Approved Exams

- Questions in Aviation Jargon

Level Exams are held under Academy Aviation's own Turkish DGCA Approval by using "Test of English for Aviation (TEA).

For Pilots & Air Traffic Controllers

- Preparation Classes Available

- Turkish DGCA Approved Exams

- Questions in Aviation Jargon

English Exams are held under Academy Aviation's own Turkish DGCA Approval.

For Aircraft Maintenance & Technical Staff

- Preparation Classes Available

- EASA Approved Module Exams

- Lecture Notes & Question Banks

Module Exams are held by EASA Part-147 Approved Partner Companies of Academy Aviation.

Become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

- Theoretical & Practical Type Trainings


- B1, B2 and B1 & B2 Combined Programs

- Boeing, Airbus and Other Types

- Helicopter Type Training Programs

- General Familiarisation Trainings

- Engine Run-up and Borescope Inspections

Aircraft Maintenance Type Training Programs are held under Academy Aviation's own EASA Part-147 Approval or under the EASA Part-147 Approval of Partner Companies of Academy Aviation.

Endorse an Aircraft Type to Your Aircraft Maintenance Licence

- Human Factors in Aviation


- Aircraft Fuel Tank Safety (All Phases)

- Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS)

- Aviation Legilation Trainings

- Package Initial & Recurrent Program Offers

For Aviation Companies and Personnel



- Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)

- Aircraft Maintenance (Part 145)

- Component Maintenance

- Aircraft Engineering (Part M)

- Airworthiness Reviews

- Quality & Safety Management

- SAFA/SACA Audits


- Electronic Flight Bag Project

- Resource Planning Software

- Document Processing For Records

- Records Clouding For Back-up

- Finding / Audit Management

- Quality Management Software

- Training, e-Learning Software


- Airline Start-up Projects

- MRO Start-up Projects

- Line Maintenance Station Setup

- Quality / Safety Management

- Certifying Staff Support

- Tooling/Equipment Support

- Engineering Support


- Licensed Aircraft Engineers

- Helicopter Engineers

- Cabin Crew Recruitment

- Flight Crew Recruitment

- Managers, Directors and Seniors

- Quality and Safety Auditors

- Post-Holders, Form-4 Holders